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Responsive, Ready to Use, Powerful, Feature Rich and Fully Customizable. Build Creatively!

Easy to Start
Best matrimonial Web for those who want to get started immediately. You will get all the basic and advanced features that you need.

Multi Search Options
Basic, Regular, Advanced and Keyword Profile search with customizable filters to get accurate and instant results easily. Lets users restrict their search to certain fields and find them exactly what they want.

Powerful Admin Panel
The Admin Panel allows you to customize just everything of your website with few clicks. You can change the frontend theme appearance, field positions and member area links in no time.

Our Matrimonial Software Features
Get the best Readymade, Easy to Customize and Multilingual Matrimonial software at an affordable Affiliate fee.

Revenue Generating
Create unlimited membership plans and turn your matrimonial idea into a recurring revenue-generating site.

SEO Optimized
UVM Matrimonial Software is designed with SEO in mind, focus on content and the rest will be handled by the script itself.

Messaging and Video Chat
Let your users communicate with each other with our Live Chat module. The fastest way to engage customers and increase sales.

Perfect Match Suggestions
Profiles will be shown based on partner preferences. They can be updated anytime by the user.

Matrimonial Software - Features
Ready to use fully featured Matrimonial Script with Mobile App.
Core Features
The most important and critical features commonly used and required in a matrimony website.

01.Franchise Option: Franchises can add unlimited profiles. They can create discount coupons, print receipts, change the profile package and status. They also have the option of exporting their added profiles to PDF / XLS format.

02.Mobile App: Mobile App is a great way to increase your visibility, and customer engagement. You can send Push Notifications and instant updates. The Mobile App is fully customizable, you can have your own logo and branding.

03.Text and Video Chat: The Chat module is added to build relationships effectively. With the help of the chat, your customers can easily develop feelings of friendship and love. You can also restrict this feature to specific users.

04.Social Login: The social login feature allows your users to login using their existing information from a social networking site such as Facebook and Google+. Save your users' time by providing them with a single sign-in option to connect to your website instead of creating a new login account.

05.Image Watermark: With the help of this option, you can impose your logo or text on to profile images and cover pictures. This will make it more difficult for the original image to be copied or used without your permission.

06.Payment Gateways: Payment gateways supported by our application. You can enable them through the admin panel as per your requirements. Enter your keys and start accepting payment immediately after launch.

07.Followups: Boost your revenues both from existing customers and from referrals to new customers through our Follow-up module. This will make your customers feel special and increases reliability process for the customers.

08.Staff Login: Easily add Staff users to your matrimonial website with a limited access, they can view and profiles, and follow-up them on regular basis. A staff user can also edit his/her profile.

09.Telecaller Option: Assign profiles to Telecallers and increase the sale of your services to your new and old customers. They can only view their assigned profiles and use the follow-ups option to record their future communications.

10.Horoscope: Let your users generate their horoscopes through your Matrimonial website. No need to pay an additional fee for any API. It is free in UVM - Matrimonial Script. Your users can generate North, South, and East chakras through their member areas.

Content Modules
Our content context contains all the modules commonly used to perform daily activities.

01.FAQs: An easy way to provide Question and Answer functionality on your website. Create questions and answer pairs and display them on the FAQ page to address the most common concerns of your customers about your matrimonial site.

02.Gallery: Displays a collection of individual uploaded photos in a pleasing fashion. You can view, activate and deactivate them as per your requirements. Use this module to disable profile pictures that do not meet your matrimonial site policy.

03.News: The News module allows you to display timely content on your website, such as announcements and special messages. You can use this module to enable your users to know more about your recent services and offers.

04.Notes: Our notes module allows your users to write a brief overview of points or ideas as an aid to memory. Some of the ways that your clients can use this module are; notes of interests sent to a specific profile, notes reminding them of when to contact a profile, and many more.

05.Pages: Add your own custom contents through our Pages module. Pages are static and they are a good way to publish information that doesn't change much, such as a Terms and Conditions Page, About Us, Privacy Policy, etc. You can also create navigation links to your pages.

06.Profiles: This is the core module of our Matrimonial Script. Your users can create profiles, upload photos and communicate with other users. As an Admin, you can also add unlimited profiles, export them in PDF/Excel Format and send SMS/emails to individual profiles.

07.Services: All communications between users whether it is an interest, message, profile view, shortlist, block and ignore request comes under the Services module. Users can view them through their member area. As an Admin, you can view them via the Services link.

08.Success Stories: With the help of the success stories module, you can list all marriages that have happened through your website/organization. This is the best way to inspire your visitors and help sell your services. It also provides brand credibility and increases engagement through compelling narratives.

09.Testimonials: Testimonials are a great way to build trust with your visitors. Using our testimonial module, you can quickly add testimonials to your profile and sales pages to show what customers say about you and your services. A great way to create credibility.

Financial Modules
The core of your financial activities, certain modules in this context provide a consolidated financial view and analysis information to maximize profitability.

01.Advertising: Let wedding planners, photographers, flouriest and other wedding-related businesses put their ads on your website. You can create advertising packages as per your requirements. The advertiser must pay the amount mentioned in the package to display their Ads.

02.Affiliates: Promote your matrimonial services using our Affiliates module. This will extend the reach of your services by driving more traffic to your website. The ultimate marketing strategy, promote coupons, invite users on your website and increase sales.

03.Coupons: The Coupon module helps you boost your business. Create coupons and distribute them to your customers. They can use them during checkout to get additional discounts. You can limit coupons to specific users and packages.

04.Invoices: Manage customer payments through our invoices module. You can download the PDF to provide the payment receipt to your customer. You can also send the invoice via email. All generated invoices can be tracked and accessed at any time for reports.

05.Orders: Similar to the invoices module, the orders module also maintains a record of payments, but it contains detailed information such as the payment transaction ID, logs, notes, and status change records. You can update the payment method and set the order status accordingly.

06.Packages: With the help of our packages module, you can create unlimited subscription plans, limit services (profile views, chat, interest, messages, etc.), automate the profile activation and set prices. Divide your services into different subscription plans and bill your customers accordingly.

07.Payouts: A module to pay commissions to your affiliates. You can set a minimum payout, the user must reach the minimum payment to get paid. The earnings are displayed by module wise. You can send emails to your affiliates and also initiate payout requests on their behalf.

08.Points: Drive more traffic to your website by rewarding your users. There are various activities in the Admin Panel that you can configure through which your users can earn points such as adding profiles, uploading images, etc.

09.Tax Rates: The tax rate is the average rate at which your company/organization is taxed by the government. Configure country and state-specific tax rates via our Tax Rates module. These tax rates will be applied to the checkout cart.

10.Wallets: A wallet is a secure place where your users can store their money online. Customers can use this amount to pay for subscription plans and to buy advertising on your website. This is secure, convenient and speeds up transactions as there is no need to enter bank or credit card details every time during the purchase.

Reports Modules
Modules to view reporting information and increase your sales.

01.Callbacks: The callback module is added to save the customer and the agent time. Once the callback form is saved, you can view the user information through the Admin Panel and call the customer. Customers do not need to wait in a queue; they will be called back by your agent.

02.Contact Queries: The Contact Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. All contact queries submitted by your visitors will be displayed under the contact queries module. You can reply to them through the Admin Panel.

03.Feedbacks: A feedback form is a way in which customer feedback is obtained. Customer Feedback is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and service engagement. You can use this module to show your customers that you value their opinions.

04.Visitors: A simple module where you can see who visited your site, when and from which country. By using this module, you will be able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most. This helps you to tailor your content or advertising.

Settings Modules
Common features related to content management, security and advertising.

01.Packages: Create unlimited subscription plans with different terms, prices, and limits. The plan can be based on days/months/years with full/limited access. The customer can choose one as per their budget and requirement.

02.Profiles: Add unlimited profiles and manage them easily through the Admin Panel. You can also download them in PDF and Excel format.

03.Services: The user has an option to send interest and messages to the user. They can also block and Ignore profiles. In addition, they can view who viewed them recently and shortlisted them.

04.Text and Video Chat: Allow your users to text messages and video calls simultaneously. This is perhaps the greatest feature, the dating users love chatting with their matches.

05.Discover Matches: The user has an option to save their preferences. Once preferences are saved, the user can click on the discover matches link to view preference specific profiles only.

06.Bulk Emailing and Messaging: Communicate effectively with your customers by sending them Email and SMS notifications in large quantities and on a regular basis.

07.Advanced Search: Your customers can find exactly what they are looking for with our advanced search option. They can increase the accuracy of their searches by using more fields.

08.Privacy Fields: Let users hide their images and other information from visitors. The privacy fields are package-specific. You could easily change them through the Packages module.

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